Monday, June 6, 2011

Where does that road go? Chapter 1

Who in their right mind ups and moves to a small town, sight unseen because in their mind it looks like "Pepperland" from Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart Club? I guess this person right here does and did.

From the time I can remember my Moms favorite catch phrase was, "I wonder where that road goes?" The memories are still fresh and vivid of being 6 years old and my Mom being sure she could make it from Bell, CA to Downey, CA during the commercial break of a movie on TV to grab some Sees Candy and make it back in time. She was so close too until the police pulled her over for speeding. The officer couldn't stop laughing when she told him why she was speeding in the first place. She did make it home with her candy and just a warning. Being awakened at 3am to drive to San Diego for breakfast or to Ventura for a burger. My grandmother always kept a toothbrush and a change of underwear in her purse just in case the road took a turn while heading to the grocery store. You just never knew where that road may go.

I became deathly ill on the day I graduated from 3rd grade. Viral hepititis, scarlet fever, dilantin poisioning, kidney and liver failure topped it off. I had a fever of over 106 degrees and the doctors told my Mom to start planning my funeral. My Great Grandmother came to see me and left quite soon telling my Mom that she could not be there to help bury me. I spent months in the hospital and missed a year of school, lost all of my hair and never was able to regain my straight A student status. I guess that was a turn in the road that was almost a dead end, but my Mom never left my side. Once I healed we were on the road again.

So many of us refuse to be like our parents when we are younger. It's funny how as you grow older, and a bit wiser, that you realize you have become like them. I guess I too had to find out where that road went, my road.

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